Advertise With Us

Advertising with us provides an opportunity to connect with the world’s largest audience in an innovative and captivating manner.
We communicate your message in a larger bolder, more imposing, and appealing way than other platform on the internet.We are a global platform with a huge audience that spans the globe.

These are some of our advertising plans. The rates are flexible. Rates can be negotiated based on the give and take business plan. Please note that these rates/prices are not refundable.

Deep Tech Bytes is the most suitable platform to promote your product or services. We allow banner ads on our blog that could be placed in the sidebars and inside the post within the article.

Below are some prices and open slots available for those interested in advertising for us on the blog.

  1. Advertise using the banner We offer an open space in case you would like to post your banner advertising in our website.The price for this would cost US$400 for three months. We will guarantee that your banner will remain on our website for three months.
  2. Promotional or review We’re interested in publishing a review or promo article in our blog. Let us know which review you would be would like to see published on the blog. The post will not be a permanent one but it will be a permanent post in our blog archives. The cost for these types of ads is 200 USD.
  3. Collaboration We are willing to collaboration with anyone who is willing to cooperate with us. In this case there is no need for any fixed prices. If you think you are able to assist us and get help, we’d love to have you to join us in a conversation.
  4. Do you have something more that we haven’t mentioned? Are you able to advertise in a different manner through our blog? We’d like to meet your ideas and the budget that you’ve got.
  5. Promote your product with us. We can promote your products including books, courses software, courses, and many more. The cost for these kinds of ads is $200 USD per month.